Message from Livio

I’m worried that it’s disappointing for you that only one bot has replied now. If so, I’m very sorry. (See below for an opportunity to discuss this with me).

The reason I’m using a bot is that I’m currently spending at least 3 hours a day on the screen skimming messages. I think I should be able to take this in my stride. But the reality is that this has been draining me for the last few weeks (or even years).

I would sooo love to contribute to a more beautiful world and I’m afraid that this contribution will remain buried in screen time.

That’s why I’ve decided to try a radical experiment*:

I want to spend as little screen time as possible in order to give as much enthusiasm as possible to 1:1 mentoring, conflict mediation, courses and community gatherings.

It is vulnerable for me to dare to do this and I am happy about any solidarity.

Here is my experiment in concrete terms:

Visit me

If you would like to meet me, you can access my private agenda here. I would be very happy if you could choose a free time and book a meeting at my home for both of us.

I look forward to your visit.


If you don’t want to meet me, but just want to write a message:

Lara will filter my emails and reply every 2 weeks. She will inform me in person about the messages. If you have a message for me, write to her at: lara (at)

She’s looking forward to it.

@Lara: I am sooo grateful that you are so supportive. Here’s a message to her:
„I am highly sensitive and screen time alone in my room is regulating for my nervous system. Livio and I are in a mutual exchange, he supports me in other ways. I’m looking forward to this experiment.“

With warmth,

I want to acknowledge that this experiment is a great privilege. It makes me angry and sad that not all people are able to organize their days in such a way that they don’t overstep their boundaries. I deeply wish for a system in which there are no exploitative working and living conditions. I want to practise working for a regenerated system and not exploiting my own body in the process.